[Trip] Netherlands – Museum of Prostitution

When we were at the Red light district, we visited 2 museums, one was Erotic museum and the other one was Museum of Prostitution. They both locate quite near to each other as they are on the main street of Red light district. Both museums do require admission fee to enter inside. First we went to erotic museum, it is a museum with sexual artwork and reference. It has 5 levels inside of the museum, all the levels are quite small, similar size to London small apartment. We spent about 20 minutes inside the museum. In our opinion, it is worth a skip.


However Museum of Prostitution is quite different, you get to see what the typical of the girls live in. You can see their rooms and bathroom, it is quite small. In the museum, there is a video of a typical day for the girls. It was quite interesting to see what they do everyday from the morning to the night. There are a lot of stories from the girls why they chose the paths, some are really tragic and feel really sorry for them. Others chose this path as it is something that they want to do and felt proud of their job. Although this is smaller than Erotic museum, but it is really interesting. We spent about 30 minutes going through the museum.



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