[Food] Young Cheng

Another thanks to TVB for showing this place in Chinatown…When we first arrived in London, I refused to have Chinese food as I was having Chinese food for 1.5 years. It was a good time to get away from it, however until I was watching this TVB show where they were showing places in London. After persuading from my parents, we decided to give this restaurant a go. It is located in Chinatown, right off See Woo (Chinese supermarket).

The reason why we went there is for the bread crab. It is value for money, £13.80 for a crab, like what TVB guest was saying you cannot get bread crab for this price in Hong Kong. We had the stir fry crab with shallow and ginger and also curry crabs. They both are Asian type of style of making crabs. You will definitely see a lot of these in Hong Kong. It was amazing, the flavour just bring out the crab taste. The sauce was magnificent and they will give you noodle base at the bottom of the crab. The noodle soaked up the sauce and the crab flavour. If you have 2 people, that dish will definitely fill you up. Also the other Chinese dishes aren’t too expensive, it is roughly the same price as the crab. It is alright in terms of the flavours and presentation.


So far the times we have been there (mostly weeknight dinner), we didn’t need to wait for a table. If you are a fan of crab, you should try at this restaurant.

The address is 22 Lisle St, Leicester Square, UK, WC2H 7


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